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Welcome to the BAD HOUSE festival!

Welcoming words from the BAD HOUSE curators:

BAD HOUSE is a live art festival, celebrating the hybrid contents and forms of art. The festival presents a diverse group of both Finnish and international artists.

We have wanted to create a jarringly beautiful, imperfectly truthful, freely associative, and multi temperamentally hopeful newcomer for the festival scene of Helsinki. We want to showcase intensive, artist driven praxes, which challenge the concepts of ‘elegant’ or ‘fierce’ - and which are forged in an inner furnace of thought and action. The pieces by the invited artists sprawl out into the physical and virtual space of the city, and bring new viewpoints to the monochrome and didactic discourse, and rigid practices, of performing arts.

The festival is aimed at enforcing the position of art as a formless and amoral entity, which can still be a language to quake and enliven our view of the world. The BAD HOUSE artists represent a plethora of perspectives and generations, and view their medium of art as a field of opportunities to challenge generic borders.

The artworks of the festival spawn from the union of the arts of performance, visual art, and choreography, and present experiences far removed from the standard “store bought” experiences of the day. The festival is rather a random, sleeping  Valley of Volcanoes, ready to erupt. BAD HOUSE is located in the liminal areas of human experience and desire, and offers its own suggestion of the multiplicity of reality. The larger the canvas, the more people can paint their entire lived experience on it.

The festival program, comprising performance, video, and installation art pieces, is curated by passionate artists and Mad House curatorial team members Sonja Jokiniemi, Mikko Niemistö, and Elina Pirinen.