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Season 4 Opening Night
13 Jan 2017 20:00

Let's party with Biitsi!

What’s your take on Mad House? by Joonas Lahtinen u.a.
13 Jan

Sound installation

… My kidneys should be donated after Mad House …

… Mad House is an encounter with a bright light …

In the toilets of Mad House Helsinki, you will be...

Samira Elagoz: Craigslist Allstars
14 Jan 2017 20:00 — 21:00


Hi! I’m a 24 year-old girl making a documentary film. I’m looking for strangers. I meet you at your place, we shake hands and the camera is on the table for both of us...

Feminist Comedy Academy
17 — 21 Jan 2017

Jamie MacDonald has arranged Feminist Comedy Nights at Mad House for two years. The Feminist Comedy Academy is for anyone who wants to try stand-up, or just learn some comedy...

David Kozma: Greetings from Zoongary, Zooropa
18 — 21 Jan 2017

Hello Hungary, what’s going on?

In 1989 Hungary helped more than 50 000 people from East Germany escape to Austria. In 1956, around 200 000 Hungarians fled as refugees from...

Erich Weidle: Goodbyes
26 — 28 Jan 2017

Life is an eternal goodbye. People move to another country, have distant relationship and loose their loved ones. We concentrate on the final moments of goodbyes, the last hugs,...

Fiikus Club
26 Jan — 16 Mar 2017

We shall meet under the rubber plant...

Kaaos Company: Pond
28 — 29 Jan 2017

Pond is a small retreat, where we gather at a small pond and give ourselves in to a water. We float, we surrender to a stream, we get floating, we get heavy, in the water, like...

Juha Valkeapää: Teloitetut tarinat
2 — 4 Feb 2017

In his solo work, established Finnish live and voice artist Juha Valkeapää tells the life stories of executioners and executed people, and demonstrates execution methods. The...

Mad House's fourth season explores humanity and the human body 13 January - 23 April 2017

Posted by Mad House on 16 November, 2016

Hälsningar från elfensbenstornet

Posted by Mad House on 27 October, 2016

Talon takaa – Mad House tuottajan työpaikkana 

Posted by Mad House on 10 October, 2016

Oblivia's Do be do premieres in Cirko Helsinki on Oct 3rd

Posted by Mad House on 29 September, 2016

MAD HOUSE JA MINÄ - Juha Valkeapää

Posted by Mad House on 29 September, 2016

Erich Weidlen Goodbyes-näyttämöteos etsii esiintyjiä

Posted by Mad House on 29 September, 2016

NoMad House in Berlin June 8th – 11th

Posted by Mad House on 02 May, 2016

Mad House's third season was a success!

Posted by Mad House on 29 April, 2016

OPEN CALL: Ehdota taiteellista ulostuloa, joka etsii mahdollisuuksia esitystaiteen ja post-psykoanalyyttisen todellisuuden reflektoinnin väliselle maastolle

Posted by Mad House on 29 April, 2016
2,618 people interested · 1,697 going
@balticcircle launched their 2016 programme! Amazing performances, talks, clubs and ThinkThank by Mad House See you at @cirkohelsinki on Wed 16.11. 10-16. Vegan soup and bread are served. Oh yes. #balticcircle #madhousehelsinki #thinkthank
Vuosittainen esitystaiteen ja nykyteatterin tapahtuma.
A new temporary museum opening on 1st of September 2016 in Tiivistämö, Suvilahti, Helsinki.
Taidekoulu MAA tekee lukuvuoden 2016-2017 aikana yhteistyötä esitystaidetalo Mad House Helsingin kanssa. Yhteistyö vahvistaa MAAn aktiivista...
Festivaalin ohjelmisto ja teokset julkaistu! / Festival programme and all performances are now online! 5 päivää, 23 taiteilijaa, 12 kansallisuutta,...
Viikkis! Building the Mad House Season number 4. #madhousehelsinki
Oblivia and The Rave @kiasmagram @juhlaviikot NOW! Yes, NOW! Happy coproducer recommends #anightofphilosophy
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